How Are Shoppers Affected by High Store Traffic?


When you're tracking the number of customers who are entering your store, there are a few questions that you're asking yourself. First, at what times is the store most crowded? When do you need to schedule more employees? How are your promotions working? thing you may forget to consider, however, is how shoppers are affected by high store traffic.


People are influenced by crowd mentality

High store traffic can encourage people to check out your business. The busier your store is, the more people are influenced by the crowd mentality. If lots of people are checking it out, then others will want to follow.

High store traffic may decrease customer service. You'll need to make sure that you have an adequate number of employees on hand to help your customers get everything they need. Track your busiest hours, and have extra employees on hand during those hours to handle rush traffic.


High store traffic may increase the amount of time customers spend in the store. Their response to this may vary by the individual and based on what they're planning to purchase. Does your business offer services that encourage people to browse, rather than grabbing an item and hurrying to the checkout line? People might browse longer while they wait for lines to go down. On the other hand, convenience-style stores that people want to get in and out of as quickly as possible will lose business if potential customers see that it's too crowded.

High store traffic may increase customer frustration. There will be more people in the aisles, so you'll need to arrange your displays to allow for plenty of room to get around. 

You want to bring people into your business consistently--both one-time customers and those who come back again and again. By knowing what happens when there's high customer traffic in your store, you can provide the best possible customer service and ensure that those people keep coming back.