Efficient Staff Planning for Retailers

As a business owner, your primary goal is to increase profit. This requires a careful balance of resources, expenditures, pricing, and numerous other factors intended to ensure that you earn more than you spend. And when you own and operate a retail store, your staff plays a major role in your bottom line. Payroll can take a big chunk out of your budget if you don't manage it wisely. But your retail staff is also a crucial component of the customer experience.



If you skimp on staffing, customers may not receive the help they need with product questions, they may have to wait in prohibitively long lines to make purchases, and their experience may cause them to walk away without making a purchase. On top of all that, they may refuse to return to your store, or even complain to other consumers, quashing potential future sales in the process.


Efficient planning

The point is that you need to plan efficient if you want to staff your retail store appropriately. You don't want so many staff members that your payroll puts the kibosh on any profit you earn. But you also want enough staff members on hand to deal with customer traffic. And the place to begin the planning process is with retail analytics. You need to know how many people are entering your store, at what times, how long they're staying, and if they're making purchases thanks to the assistance of your staff, or alternately, if they're leaving empty-handed due to high volume and insufficient staffing.


Perhaps the best way to accomplish your goal of people counting is to install a people counting camera in your store. This piece of equipment is designed to monitor and record anyone and everyone who comes in and out of your store, giving you the analytical data needed to determine how best to staff your retail location. Business owners use automatic people counting for other reasons, such as store security or to be in compliance with maximum capacity restrictions. But if you want to determine how to most efficiently staff your store, shopper counting is a good way to spot patterns in shopper activity, noting the times and dates that seem to enjoy more or less traffic, as well as the effect of marketing efforts like sales, advertising, and so on.

The end result could not only lead to better staffing choices, allowing you to cut costs whenever possible, but using a video analysis people counter could also help you find ways to increase store traffic and sales. Ultimately, retailers need to efficiently plan to have the staff they need when they need it. It's not an exact science, but using the right hardware and software can give you the data you need to make wise choices where staffing is concerned, saving you money on staffing when possible and potentially earning you more as a result.