Heat Map Analytics in Your Retail Store Gives You a Competitive Edge

In order for the physical, brick and mortar retail stores to distinguish themselves today, they need a way to analyze customer shopping behavior and take it one step further to stay ahead of the competition. The best way to do this is by using applications of heat map analytics in retail daily operations to see what is trending in real-time, and then use this data to provide better shopping experiences. Customers are looking for more convenience when they are shopping these days and when they come into your store, this new technology will allow you to satisfy this need because you have a resource that tells you exactly what they are searching for. Heat maps unlock the power of your in-store video capabilities because they quickly identify your store’s hot and cold zones which gives you these three competitive advantages.

More Value Added Technology

As a retailer, you want to invest in technological solutions that are innovative and give you more value for your dollar. Heat map technology is unique because it serves a dual purpose. By being CCTV compatible, it works with your existing cameras to give you surveillance and loss prevention information; but, it also gives you data regarding your marketing, human resources and daily operations as well. This is because you now have path-tracking capabilities that let you concentrate where your shoppers are actually travelling the most while they are in your store and where they are dwelling the longest. This information is valuable because you can locate your promotional displays more effectively, adjust your store layout more efficiently and schedule your staff so they are readily available and can better assist customers in a more timely manner. This will distinguish you as having excellent customer service and set you apart from other retailers in your area.

Better Customer Relationships

Customers today are more individualistic, independent and knowledgeable because they can just use social media sites to do research before they even go out to make a purchase. This is because opinions count for a lot on these social media sites and negative ones can cause a loss in business profits. One complaint shoppers have the most is the wait time in long queues that cause frustration and sometimes makes them leave. By using heat maps in your store today, you’ll have a better connection with these shoppers and give them a good perception of your services before they arrive and when they actually get there. These heat maps help because they detect the number of people who are standing at different areas in your store in real-time, so you can get your staff to those locations as soon as possible. This gives you better control in monitoring your service quality and you can use analytics to look at historical data so you can schedule more employees at your busiest times.

Optimized Store Performance

Heat map technology helps you also have more up to date knowledge about your store’s overall performance and whether or not your employees are fulfilling customers’ expectations effectively. This is because when you substitute actual numbered percentages with these colors that vary according to shopper and people flow, you have a more realistic view of how well your business is actually doing. You can then adjust and strategically plan your store layout more effectively by doing things such as; making displays smaller and easier for customers to walk through in some areas, placing expensive and more popular items in high-traffic areas and looking at historical captures to see where your employees are actually in the store at those crucial times. This helps you to boost sales and have a better idea of what you need to do in the future to stay more competitive. Today, customers are looking for those experiences in brick-and-mortar retail stores that are as convenient and streamlined as the ones they get when they shop online. In order to have that competitive edge, getting a better insight into customer behavior and trends will give you that added advantage you need. By using applications of heat map analytics in your daily operations today, this data makes a difference in how you go about attracting and keeping those customers for a longer time to come. And the more you know about the individuals who come into your store, the better you are at making decisions that improve the customer experience. For a closer look at revolutionary retail analytic solutions that set you apart from the rest, please contact us today to learn more.