Students at the University of St. Gallen Using Link Analytix Tools to Increase Sales in Aldi, Migrolino, Tally Weilj & IKEA


As a part of their fall semester, students from the Business Master Program of the prestigious University of St. Gallen have worked closely with retailer giants Aldi, Migrolino, Tally Weilj & IKEA. Groups of 4-6 students have competed alongside the management of the respective retailers in order to increase sales in the physical stores, as a part of their "Retail Analytics" course. To be able to develop the insight to improve the stores, the students have used relevant retail theory, but also gotten access to the many years of insight of BigBlue&Company while using two of Link Analytix tools; RetailFlux Flow and BlueBox League.

"In the first part of the course, an interactive, two-day "Retail Marathon" will teach students the fundamentals of applied retail marketing to increase profitability in stationary retail. They can then apply this knowledge directly in their partner store and test its practical relevance. We offer students the opportunity to work on site with the sales managers of four partner companies and boost profitability at the point-of-sale. The students are granted a lot of freedom: They can move shelves, relocate products and adjust the communication in the store."

BigBlue&Company and Link Analytix are both immensely proud to have been given the opportunity to facilitate the University of St. Gallen with some of the tools in order to provide the students with a real life case and give them hands on experience on improving in-store sales in a challenging retail environment.”

You can read the University of St. Gallens full coverage of the course and how the students used different tools in order to increase in-store sales by following this link.