Understanding Shopper & Store Interaction Mechanics

Analytics give retailers a better idea of how to enhance customer loyalty because they allow them to give consumers an experience that is tailor-made to fit individual needs. Trying to pinpoint the best ways to engage shoppers these days so they'll keep coming back, is harder to do; especially if you don't have more accurate ways of tracking their behavior. By using applications of heat map analytics in their retail daily operational planning, brick-and-mortar store owners will get an immediate summary of the information they need to improve promotional activities and make these customers brand advocates for life. But what exactly is heat map analytics?

A heat map is a visual representation of data using colors and intensity to show you everything you need to know about your store and your shoppers' activities when they visit. The hot, or red zones show the areas of your store where customers are shopping the most and the cold, or blue zones are where the activity is less frequent. We want to introduce you to an analytic platform today that goes way beyond this because it is an X-Ray device that actually unlocks the power of your in-store video so you can see what your customers are buying in real-time. Here are three of our products to show you what we mean.


This is an advanced video analytic application that gives you historical summaries of human movements in heat map format so you can check to see how effective your visuals and shelves are in getting your customers' attention. This helps you to focus your strategies on increasing sales to your regular customers and enhances more loyalty with targeted marketing programs that offer them deals on the products they usually buy. And, if you have a more accurate history of actual times your most loyal customers visit, you can see what they are buying to make sure these items are in always in stock to keep them from going elsewhere.


This application advances PHeat analytics and takes them one step further by detecting and reporting shopper flow to guide in your strategic customer relationship planning. It does this by giving you clear images of dwell times so you have a more comprehensive picture, in real-time, of the number of people who have an interest in a particular area in your store. This lets you more accurately measure the impact of your marketing campaigns and better predict future behavior so you can exceed their expectations every time they visit. By doing this, these loyal customers will want to spread the word and this will attract even more customers who are continuously satisfied with your services.


This is our unique video analytic application that can detect shopping activities at pre-defined zones in your store. With the help of PZone, you can track foot traffic to better understand the shopping trends of your customers and use this information for more strategic marketing and sales campaigns. PZone lets you know when and where high traffic and busy areas in your store occur so you can have plenty of associates available when you need them. This helps you deliver more memorable and effective customer experiences to better retain and keep these loyal shoppers for many years to come.

These are just three of the ways our plug & play platform helps you obtain valuable insights into your shoppers' behavior and maximizes their customer loyalty. Our precise heat maps show you exactly how your customers are travelling throughout your store and helps with personalizing their experiences so they feel more valued and just have an overall good shopping experience. At RetailFlux, we have years of experience in the fields of computer vision and embedded analytics with a long-term goal to create better connections for retailers and their customers. For information about how this innovative technology can help your business today, please contact us to learn more.