BlueBox Places

Measure and evaluate your store activities!

Analysis show that up to 40% of all sales in a store are made from the additional places.

But this depends on the products placed there.

The BlueBox Places software, collects real time performance data of your stores additional places. Is the additional place increasing your sales, or are the products placed there not selling? We know that a bestselling product often sells 500-1500% better than an unknown product on an additional place. In other words, it´s very important to be decisive on which products are placed at the various places in your store.

BlueBox Places analyses the effect of each individual additional place based on real time sales data. With this software you get answers enabling you to optimize each placement immediately.

BlueBox Places provide you with unique analysis for activity planning. Based on previous sales data, the software generates recommendations not only on particular products but also where the products should be placed in the store to increase your sales the most.